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  • Doctors aren't any better at treating gunshots than they were 15 years ago, and it suggests firearm injuries are getting worse. The 9 most popular TV shows of , according to Nielsen ratings. Alamo Drafthouse's movie recommendations brand has led to major box-office bumps for indie movies. Trump reportedly wants to stop giving Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds because he thinks the government is using it to pay off its debt Tucker Carlson broke Fox News' Twitter blackout that was ordered for him to post a statement about assault allegations Banksy's latest creation depicts a kid licking ash out of the air, and it calls attention to a global health crisis.

    Walmart reveals the most bizarre top-selling items of in every state. Crude oil futures pop higher as Saudi Arabia vows to cut production Three recounts, baseless voter fraud claims and mixed messages from candidates: Here's what's going on with the Florida elections I don't want thoughts': Mother of Thousand Oaks shooting victim makes emotional plea for gun control Amazon now sells its own super-affordable, bed-in-a-box mattress — I tried it to see if it's worth buying. Our official predictions for who wins this weekend.

    Ross Edgley: 'It was goosebumps upon tears, upon smiles'

    Watch mechanics go through 6 fire extinguishers trying to douse flaming Tesla battery modules rigged to a Disney Princess car as molten copper comes 'raining down' everywhere. The man who taught Donald Trump how to tweet said the day the president could use Twitter on his own was comparable to velociraptors learning to open doors in 'Jurassic Park'.

    Dramatic video shows a driver trying to escape a Northern California wildfire through a wall of smoke and flames Michelle Obama says she will 'never forgive' Trump for putting her 'family's safety at risk' Sundar Pichai is ending Google's once-famous partying culture by limiting drinking at work and threatening 'more onerous actions' Migrant father contradicts US officials, says his 7-year-old daughter who died in Border Patrol custody was given no water for 8 hours.

    Nobody likes workers being forced into unpaid leave before Christmas, but there's one noticeable shift when it comes to government employees. Amazon was at the center of political feuds this year, on everything from employee pay to HQ2. Travis Scott says he'll propose to Kylie Jenner soon 'in a fire way': Mark Zuckerberg joined a private Facebook group for Harvard memes and group members are loving it All the looks from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Ezra Miller's darkly magical look stunned fans at the 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' premiere Golden State Warriors have a travel budget unlike other teams and it makes playing for them like 'a fantasy land'.

    Cardi B's sneakers look like 2 different shoes smashed together and it's almost like an optical illusion. There's a growing fear that Trump could veto the spending bill and force a government shutdown over the border wall. Democrats are sounding every alarm now that Trump has forced Jeff Sessions to resign Wall Street weighs in on the Fed's rate hike. Anastasia Beverly Hills is giving shoppers who buy a lipstick one for free, but the sale is only going until they run out. I drove more than 70 cars this year. Here are the things that annoyed me the most.

    Companies are holding off hosting holiday parties this year — and it may be because of MeToo concerns Eric Schmidt takes the blame for Google's social networking failures: I worked as a freelance journalist for a year and a half. Here's why I'm convinced that working from an office is the better choice. The best puffer jackets you can buy. Kim Kardashian shared a bikini selfie in the middle of winter while surrounded by thousands of dollars' worth of Birkin bags. All of the people who made history in the midterm elections This startup wants employers to stop giving its workers lavish perks and start helping them pay their student loans Video shows the damage a drone can do to a plane, as British airport shuts down for 19 hours over rogue drones on the runway.

    Michelle Obama says she wears dresses by young women, immigrants, and African-Americans because she knows it will 'change their lives'. Loneliness is becoming an epidemic in the US, peaking in 20 and somethings, new research says. It looks like the smash-hit game that paved the way for 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' is finally coming to PlayStation 4. Trump rushed more than 5, troops to the border to lay razor wire.

    Miles and miles of it. A Tesla director of investor relations just left the company. Trump's Syria pullout saved the US from 'forever war' — but people are obsessed with a Russia conspiracy. The media rejected Trump's 'racist,' misleading ad in an unprecedented way The Coast Guard is looking, but it really seems like Japan has lost an island Facebook suspended more than accounts the day before the US midterm elections Trump's attorney general pick once sent an unsolicited memo to the Justice Department calling the Mueller investigation 'legally insupportable'. People are saying the Tucker Carlson boycotts are a betrayal of free speech.

    Top bankers, investors and CEOs look into a crystal ball and share their biggest predictions for Trump stood nearly silent for several minutes at his rally in Missouri while medics treated a supporter who collapsed Trump says he thinks the earth will cool back down, denying his own administration's climate change report Morgan Stanley has a wild theory about how Tesla could use the trade war to its advantage.

    Patriots receiver Josh Gordon announces he's stepping away from the NFL to focus on his mental health. The best toaster ovens you can buy. Stunning photos of redheads from around the world A Delta passenger found dog feces all over his plane seat while boarding and he claims the crew gave him just 2 paper towels and told him to clean it up Priyanka Chopra put a bridal spin on the 'no pants' trend at her bachelorette party Trump hates that Europe is punishing America's tech giants, but is happy to steal the EU's ideas Republicans are furious over Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

    Dollar Tree and Dollar General have a secret weapon for keeping their prices so low. These are the safest cars for A cheesemaker is Switzerland is playing hip-hop and rock to his Emmental to make it taste better Jamal Khashoggi's sons have made an emotional plea for the return of the slain journalist's remains in their first interview since his murder Gab has returned and users are already peppering it with anti-Semitic posts Trump says his administration is 'looking at' whether Amazon, Facebook and Google are violating antitrust laws I spent speaking with CEOs, billionaires, and a Nobel laureate, and there are 15 lessons I just can't seem to forget.

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    The stock market really hates Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump walks back claim that ISIS is 'defeated' in less than a day. Archaeologists figured out that some of the world's oldest cave drawings don't just depict animals — they're constellations of stars. A former Google HR exec asks job candidates a tough question to figure out how they'll act 'when the chips are down'.

    Amazon accidentally sent Alexa recordings of a user in the shower to the wrong person. A large fire broke out next to Saudi Arabia's embassy in London This artist turns your favorite viral animal memes into hilarious clay sculptures Elon Musk says Apple doesn't really 'blow people's minds' anymore Almost 17, Googlers walked out to protest of sexual misconduct at the company While China and the US spar over trade, Europe quietly heads for its worst year since the financial crisis.

    Hackers stole the private messages of over 81, Facebook accounts A lawsuit claims that American Airlines is partly responsible for a sexual assault because it gave the attacker so much alcohol The Fed just marched ahead with an interest rate hike — here's what the increase means for your wallet. The crash in oil prices is raising a major red flag about slowing global growth. See inside the late Taco Bell founder's luxurious California estate, which has 2 swimming pools, a massive chef's kitchen, and stunning views.

    Barbra Streisand took the wheel on 'Carpool Karaoke' — and scared James Corden when she said she isn't the most confident driver A horrific glitch in 'Red Dead Redemption 2' is turning one road into a mass horse grave An optical illusion tricked firefighters into thinking a building was burning The government's post-Brexit immigration plans are 'skewed', vague and risk severe staff shortages, industry leaders warn. Amazon warehouse workers were fired over text last Christmas, anonymous staffer claims.

    Travelers had to sleep on floors and grounded planes for hours after rogue drones shut down major London airport just before Christmas. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tells employees about a colleague who was sexually harassed to show why some victims don't come forward Trump is an 'un-American American president': Former Fox News contributor calls Trump a 'draft dodger' in a speech that left no stone unturned Mike Pompeo says US probe of Jamal Khashoggi's death will take a 'handful more weeks' before possible sanctions come into play Bank of England ends the year by leaving rates unchanged.

    Facebook's big new problem: It's so mired in grubby privacy scandals, people confuse legit data deals with bad breaches. The Lion Air plane that fatally crashed into the sea issued a distress call the previous day These 11 stocks are set to rocket higher in Major British airport forced to shut down for at least 19 hours by someone flying drones over the runway.

    Global markets are plunging as the Fed's 'hawkish tone' steals Christmas. Video shows a man repeatedly shouting the N-word at an employee inside a Dunkin'-Baskin Robbins store in Florida. California man makes Halloween-themed graveyard with tombstones of Democratic lawmakers Poll suggests Trump voters are more loyal to him than they are to the Republican Party ICE wrongly flagged an American citizen to be deported, so a Florida sheriff's department detained him for weeks.

    Apple confirms some people's suspicions that the new iPads can bend. In new interview, Trump claims 'I always like to be truthful,' but his history of public statements before and after he became president prove otherwise A petition to change the street name where the Saudi Embassy in Washington is located to 'Jamal Khashoggi Way' already has a heap of signatures.

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    6. Australia's top spy says Chinese tech is too good to be allowed near Canberra's key infrastructure and that's a hard truth China's state media will find harder to spin Trump claims dead US troops would have agreed with him to pull out of Syria. Critics are warning that the criminal-justice reform bill being hailed as a bipartisan victory doesn't go nearly far enough. Mueller is seeking the transcript of Roger Stone's testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, bringing the longtime Trump confidant closer to a possible indictment.

      India is already divided over its gargantuan 'Statue of Unity' Harvey Weinstein accused of sexually assaulting year-old girl in A Republican House candidate in Missouri lost a key endorsement — his own children Trump is sending thousands of troops to the border with Mexico — here's where they're going and what they're doing Workers at the Denver International Airport are caring for a girl's pet fish after Southwest Airlines declined to let her fly with it. Walmart has a huge selection of deals that are guaranteed to deliver before Christmas — but time is running out.

      Jamal Khashoggi was strangled then chopped into pieces, Turkey says — the most detailed official account of his death so far The tallest statue in the world has been unveiled in India, and it's more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty Pinterest is talking to bankers and has hired a key exec as it readies itself for a IPO. More women are choosing sterilization for birth control rather than the pill or IUDs. China tests new sub-launched ballistic missile that will raise the stakes in a nuclear war with the US. The Gritty gift guide you didn't know you needed.

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      A new app called 'Vote With Me' lets you see the voting record and political party of every contact in your phone Millennials are obsessed with the 'treat yourself' mentality — and it could be a sign they're better with money than everyone thinks McDonald's is adding new breakfast sandwiches with 3 times as much meat to its menu. Here's how they actually taste.

      Whatsapp PNG images free download

      Facebook approved fake political ads 'paid for' by Cambridge Analytica Watch the Fox News interview that launched the murder investigation of an Army hero. A retiring House Republican is stalling a bill that would protect Native American women. Most of the people who died in the Lion Air crash are probably trapped at the bottom of the ocean by wreckage, rescuers say Facebook's user base is declining in Europe and that ought to terrify its American bosses The maker of Budweiser is teaming up with Tilray to make marijuana-infused beverages.

      Heartwarming video shows LeBron James coaching his son up after a tough game. The massive ocean cleanup device invented by a year-old is still leaking plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Benedict Cumberbatch committed one of the cardinal sins of fashion — and even his die-hard fans aren't sure about it A travel-blogger couple fell to their deaths trying to take a picture from a cliff in Yosemite National Park Sundar Pichai emailed Google staff saying he is 'deeply sorry' for the firm's record on sexual misconduct Observers gave Trump an icy welcome as his motorcade traveled to a synagogue shooting memorial in Pittsburgh.

      Google is putting in a new review process for handling ethically sticky projects, in the wake of the controversy over its censored search product for China. Here's why the Navy's newest littoral combat ship just tumbled into the water sideways. A 'mind-boggling' telescope observation has revealed the point of no return for our galaxy's monster black hole Rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule are feuding, so 50 Cent bought front-row tickets to a Ja Rule concert so the seats would stay empty Kate Middleton's 25 best outfits of Months after lavishing raises and bonuses, FedEx is pushing an employee buyout program.

      NATO just held its largest war games since the Cold War — one of more than exercises the alliance carried out in Facebook is banning far-right militia Proud Boys after a violent attack in New York How online hate speech moves from the fringes to the mainstream The budget airline that crashed shortly after takeoff from Jakarta has experienced at least 15 safety incidents in nearly 2 decades High-flying investment bankers, reclusive billionaires, and 'The Wolf of Wall Street': Marvel leads the most anticipated movies of with 'Captain Marvel' and 'Avengers: Endgame' — but Star Wars is shut out.

      Steve Bannon reportedly drew a crowd of 25 people for a speech at a Holiday Inn in Kansas Suspected package-bomber Cesar Sayoc Jr. Rhino horns are back on the menu for Chinese elites and that's pretty much a death sentence for wild rhino populations — but some South African officials are said to be cheering An executive with Google's parent company resigns with no severance after sexual misconduct allegations come to light The Lakers and Celtics are both in the race for Anthony Davis, but it could become a complex waiting game.

      The most expensive homes sold in the Hamptons in High school football player announced his college choice with the help of friend who taught him 'the only disability is a bad attitude'. At least 6 are dead and dozens are trapped as a strong typhoon batters the Philippines. On the flight before it crashed, the Lion Air plane was climbing and falling so wildly that people on board threw up Coca-Cola's CEO shoots down rumors that the beverage giant is eyeing the legal cannabis market 'at this stage' — and it could mean missing out on a bigger market than soda.

      Washington is buzzing about a mysterious grand jury fight between Mueller's office and an unknown witness. Stocks wipe out gains after Fed raises rates, signals fewer hikes in He'll likely spend that money on 2 epic projects. Erdogan hinted that Saudi Arabia is turning its Khashoggi probe into a cover-up, and it looks like a warning shot at the crown prince People are pointing out a fundamental flaw in Kim Kardashian West's new 'body positive' fragrance campaign Satanists are threatening legal action against Netflix for ripping off their goat-headed Baphomet statue in 'Sabrina' A Japanese park attendant let , foreign tourists in for free because he was too scared to charge them the entrance fee Obamacare sign ups fell only slightly this year, despite Trump, GOP efforts to undermine the health law.

      The 13 biggest Apple disappointments of Former executives from Casper and Rent the Runway have teamed up to fix the most nightmarish part of home renovation. This major beauty subscription-box company is opening its own stores inside Walgreens. Here's what it's like to shop there.

      Trump plans to end giving citizenship to children of unauthorized immigrants born in the US via executive order Snapchat just massively stepped up its ambition to become the future of TV, bringing shows to the UK. Google employees are reportedly planning a walkout this week in protest of the recent sexual misconduct revelations I switched to Android after more than a decade of iPhone. I only lasted 3 days before switching back. Trump compares media coverage of the package-bomb scare to the Charleston church shooting Rosenstein calls the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting 'a stark reminder' that 'all Americans' need to be protected from hate crimes.

      Trump allegedly received 'secret payments' for endorsing a company that reportedly lured people into investing in a marketing scheme McDonald's adds new perks for employees as fast-food chains battle for workers Google released a Home Alone holiday ad featuring year-old Macaulay Culkin and it's everything a 90s child could ask for. Trump claims 'Florida will become Venezuela' if Andrew Gillum is elected governor. Why a North Carolina High School resumed classes after a student was fatally shot on campus. Angela Merkel is reportedly standing down as leader of her party after a devastating string of defeats — but will stay on as Chancellor of Germany.

      Can you find Santa's hat in this Christmas-themed brainteaser? This might be Sony's first teaser for the PlayStation 5.

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      Here comes the Fed The 10 least reliable cars of The 8 best small business credit cards to open in A former Fox exec who's starting his own news website says he's a 'beneficiary' of the MeToo movement because his recent hire was ousted over sexual harassment allegations. Free tiny home rentals are headed to cities across America. Here's what they look like. Google is 'bold and inspired' for coming clean about its 'Game of Thrones' culture of sex and power An entrepreneur who dropped out of Harvard Business School to launch his startup made a key hiring mistake that stalled the company's progress for years A massive storm is set to hit the East Coast later this week, and it could snarl Christmas travel.

      In a leaked video, Ikea US head apologizes for restructuring that store employees say tanked morale and pit them against each other. We asked over 1, Americans how they plan to live healthier in Here are their New Year's resolutions. A year-old survivor of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting hid in a supply closet and only avoided getting shot because it was so dark inside The pilot of the downed Lion Air flight asked to turn back right before it crashed into the sea off Indonesia Most Americans would not be OK with a government shutdown over the border wall.

      A bookstore begged shoppers in a viral tweet to stop coming in and taking pictures of books to buy on Amazon. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle gave a glimpse of their different festive styles as they arrived for the Queen's annual Christmas lunch. Conor McGregor says there's nothing more embarrassing than getting your 'a-- whooped on national TV' What we know about the victims of the Lion Air plane crash off Indonesia where there were 'likely no survivors' Trump blames 'fake news' for the increase in political division felt across the country Most Americans approve of the bipartisan, Trump-backed criminal-justice reforms that the Senate just passed.

      Crew, and gear at REI— and more of today's best deals from around the web. Will Smith explains why his Genie isn't blue in the first photos from Disney's live-action 'Aladdin'. Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right leader who's garnered comparisons to Donald Trump, has won Brazil's presidential election Mike Pence rejects suggested link between Trump's political rhetoric and recent acts of violence in the US. An Indonesian Lion Air flight crashed into the Java Sea shortly after takeoff with at least on board A financial analyst breaks down why Trump's tariffs could be excruciating for Home Depot and Lowe's.

      Michelle Obama says she went to marriage counseling to 'fix' her husband, but therapy made her realize she's not 'perfect'. A Google engineer gave her employer both barrels after an explosive sexual misconduct report Officials find 2 more suspicious packages reportedly intended for Sen.

      Cory Booker and the former Director of National Intelligence A father in France has reportedly been jailed for feeding his children almost exclusively on Coca-Cola and cake Congress is preparing to kick the fight over Trump's border wall down the road. The best foot massagers you can buy. Zion Williamson jumped so high to block a shot he hit his head on the backboard. The 14 least reliable car brands of The man who shouted racist abuse at a black woman on a Ryanair flight blamed it on a 'fit of temper' Trump called out CNN for blaming him for suspected bomb mailings to top Democrats, his critics The Cleveland Browns can still make the playoffs, but they need 5 things to happen including one near-miracle.

      A Tesla Model S reportedly bursts into flames twice after getting a flat tire.

      A witness to alleged misconduct by Kavanaugh says Michael Avenatti 'twisted my words,' and that she only 'skimmed' her sworn declaration Khashoggi's son arrives in the US after reportedly being barred from leaving Saudi Arabia Khashoggi's brutal killing could lead to charges against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman under international law. But experts say the Saudis will 'never go along. Michelle Obama jokes that Barack wanted to seek a second term so he could keep their daughters under Secret Service guard in their teen years.

      We shopped at Old Navy and Gap and saw why one brand is thriving as the other struggles. How automated saving and investing really works — and why more of us should be doing it. UN says Jamal Khashoggi murder was likely an 'extrajudicial killing' committed by the Saudi state A man who received a stem cell transplant for multiple sclerosis can walk and dance again after suffering from the disease for a decade A retired NYPD detective screening Robert De Niro's mail realized he'd been sent a pipe bomb after he recognized the packaging from news coverage A cat was accidentally shipped miles from home after accidentally trapping itself in a box.

      What to do if you find out your coworker makes way more than you. Australia's former foreign minister let slip how casually easy it is for China to tell another country what to do A variety of conspiracy theories and misleading claims have sprung up around the migrant caravan in Mexico. Saudi Arabia says Khashoggi's murder likely 'premeditated' after claiming it was an accident.

      Media companies are launching new shows and services to cash in on the sports gambling boom. Nets center Jarrett Allen pulled off a huge block on LeBron James that had only ever happened 8 times before. Facebook gets maximum fine for the catastrophic Cambridge Analytica data breach Whoever sent the pipe bombs to Jogn Brennan and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz reportedly spelled their names wrong All the celebrity couples that broke up in Decide for yourself with these comparisons of every dance in the game.

      These popular Bose noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have for travel. A suspicious package has been sent to Robert de Niro's Manhattan restaurant Tony Blair resists calls to axe multimillion dollar Saudi deal following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi Police are looking into suspicious packages sent to Joe Biden and Maxine Waters Take a look inside. How to dress to look taller, according to a stylist. A MoviePass consultant was removed after employee allegations of inappropriate behavior toward women. His quiet return has eroded trust.

      Poll shows older Americans are worse at differentiating facts from opinions than younger people. President Trump continues to take calls from his iPhone even after American spy agencies have determined that China and Russia are listening Tesla is outselling many of its luxury rivals, but it still lags behind Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus Sucking carbon dioxide out of the air could save us. A very good service dog was given an honorary diploma from a New York university. We aren't afraid of Amazon. Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon surprised people in the 30 Rock elevators, and their reactions were priceless.

      Elon Musk said Tesla stopped selling 'full self-driving' hardware online because customers were confused Facebook's former security boss says the US will 'never eliminate' election meddling Saudi officials admit they brought a body double for Khashoggi, but say it was for kidnapping him, not murder Theresa May's Brexit plan was branded 'Dante's first circle of hell' in a heated Cabinet row GE jumps after reportedly filing a confidential IPO for its health care unit.

      A huge lawsuit accuses nearly 20 big drug companies, a billionaire and two brothers-in-law of cozying up to hike drug prices. Here's the inside story. The man who helped make eating KFC at Christmas a Japanese tradition says the practice is built on a lie that he still regrets — but that saved his business.

      Turkish police are reportedly about to search a well where rumors claim Khashoggi's body is hidden A Canadian rapper fell from an airborne plane and died while wing walking for a music video The Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen that's been named best in the world takes drastic measures to keep from getting stale Tim Cook mounted his most stinging attack yet on tech firms that hoard 'industrial' quantities of data Eating even a little bit of processed meat regularly can increase your risk of some deadly cancers. Five things you need to know about Theresa May's plans for immigration after Brexit.

      A Russian water company in freezing Siberia installed an outdoor 'toilet of shame' to punish people who don't pay their bills. Getting Botox could make sex less enjoyable because your face isn't as expressive Police reportedly found a lion cub living in a Paris apartment The first no-fee ETF is coming next year, and it could come from one of these 4 firms.

      A disgusting worm creature has been formally named after Donald Trump to sound an alarm about his climate policies. A rail-guided Tesla and flamethrowers: Inside Elon Musk's exclusive Boring Company tunnel launch party.

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      A YouTuber is facing criminal charges for shading a Miss Universe dress designed by a Thai princess because in Thailand it's illegal to insult the monarchy. A huge marijuana company that just went public in the US saw its shares slip after a damning industry report. Trump admits he has no proof of his repeated claim that 'Middle Easterners' are among a caravan of migrants heading north from Central America Taco Bell's nacho fries were the best new fast-food menu item to debut this year. Italy and the EU just struck a deal, avoiding the start of a fresh crisis for Europe. US vows to revoke visas and consider sanctions in response to Jamal Khashoggi's death Georgia's Republican secretary of state says he's worried what will happen 'if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote' in the November midterm election Facebook had a secret data deal with Amazon which flouted its own privacy rules.

      Spiders are blanketing a Greek town in webs, and the pictures are incredible Staged photos show Khashoggi's son shaking hands with the Saudi Crown Prince, who many believe ordered his father's murder Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline signs mega deal with Pfizer that could change the face of global healthcare. GE's Healthcare just filed a confidential IPO, kickstarting a spinoff that would create one the world's biggest pharma giants.

      Markets are mixed as investors shift focus to the last Fed meeting of Trump declares himself a 'nationalist' while stumping for Ted Cruz Hackers briefly commandeered the website for Saudi Arabia's big investment conference to send a message about Jamal Khashoggi Judge orders Michael Flynn to surrender his passport while he waits to be sentenced.

      Elon Musk is telling customers to use an unusual loophole if they want to take a Tesla car for a three-day 'test drive' All the atrocities Saudi Arabia committed before outrage over Jamal Khashoggi's death reached a fever pitch Republicans tried to kill Obamacare. Now they're trying to embrace its most popular feature in a defining fight of the midterms. FedEx just slashed its forecast due to 'global economic certainty'. One of the biggest names in blockchain just stepped down from her role as CEO. Amazon stopped selling certain furniture designs on its website after West Elm called them 'knockoffs' in a new lawsuit.

      Saudi agents reportedly stripped Khashoggi's body and walked out of the consulate wearing his clothes after killing him Saudi Arabia describes Khashoggi's death as a 'murder' for the first time. A caravan of 7, migrants is heading towards the US border — haunting images show the deadly route most take to get there An Icelandair flight made an emergency landing from 35, feet after a crack was discovered in one of the cockpit windows Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott became parents just 10 months after meeting — here's a complete timeline of their relationship.

      This artist transforms real people into Disney-like cartoons, and the results are unreal. The most fiery celebrity feuds that dominated headlines in Germany is taking a step to punish Saudi Arabia that Trump has repeatedly said he won't go near Elon Musk tweets that the Boring Company's first tunnel is set to open on December 10 Here are the stars behind all of the Transformers in 'Bumblebee'.

      Inside Trump's daily routine, which includes hours of sleep, 'executive time,' and no breakfast. Sweetgreen has a plan to tackle one of the most concerning problems impacting the food industry right now. This year-old coder is already so successful she's already caught the attention of Google and Microsoft These 10 brands are in the best position to avoid the retail apocalypse and win over consumers of the future How to see as much of Florence as possible in 24 hours.

      Rita Ora wore a cropped puffer shawl that essentially looked like a sleeping bag. Here's what actually happens to letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole.

      marie claire idées noel About Fluids Processing

      McKinsey reportedly helped the Saudi government identify several dissidents, who were then arrested or hacked Turkish President Erdogan promises to reveal the 'naked truth' about Jamal Khashoggi's death The 32 most outrageous things Elon Musk has said Hedge-fund billionaire Dan Loeb slams Campbell Soup with a bizarre video that calls for a complete overhaul of the company's board and management team Mississippi congressman proposes crowdfunding border wall through 'border bonds'.

      The TV reboots and revivals of I switched to DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused alternative to Google search that doesn't track your data — and I'm not sure it was worth it These amazing pumpkin carvings are the best you'll see this Halloween Here are 14 cool cars from the mind-boggling collection at 's The Bridge art and car show Investing in Facebook has 3 risks Nike gave us a glimpse into the store of the future this year. The US Army wants a new light tank powerful enough to shatter the defenses of a formidable adversary — here's what it might look like.

      Bill Gates and Ban Ki-moon are recruiting mayors, heads of state, and finance pros around the world on a last-minute quest to save us from catastrophic heat, drought and flooding The fabulous life of Microsoft's billionaire cofounder Paul Allen, who has died at the age of 65 New York went an entire weekend without a shooting or homicide for the first time in 25 years Humanity's coolest achievements in spaceflight since Apollo 8, from walking on the moon to touching interstellar space. MoviePass' parent company just bought itself more time to live, but it's still in imminent danger of being kicked off the stock exchanges.

      Michael Flynn's lawyers offered 3 different versions of the same story as it became clear he could face significant jail time. The 13 best hotels in America in Apple design guru Jony Ive explains why Apple is so secretive: Warren Buffett predicted the fall of Eddie Lampert and Sears over 10 years ago It took me over a month to hunt down an year-old book Elon Musk recommended, and I'm glad I did The futuristic LG TV that rolls itself in and out of a box could hit living rooms in — check it out in action.

      The youngest Google employee ever describes the first time she stepped into the office as a year-old. The Tesla of China surges after deliveries beat The Fed might be about to change its strategy, and markets aren't prepared An ex-Googler who was part of a Noble Peace Prize-nominated project wants to reinvent the photography market A high school assistant principal is accused of harassing a transgender student over his choice of bathrooms. Facebook now makes it impossible for users to avoid being tracked for ads purposes, according to a report.

      Inside China's new underground hotel that's built in a quarry and has underwater rooms. Tesla is too big to fail —but not for the reason you might think Snapchat just introduced new selfie filters meant specifically for your cat After millions of Facebook accounts were hacked, here's how to secure your social media accounts and operating systems One chart shows just how badly US companies are getting whacked by Trump's trade war.

      The SEC is looking into changing the way American companies report earnings — months after Trump tweeted about it. A bakery worker helped cops nab her co-worker as a cold case murder suspect by stealing his discarded Coke can for DNA evidence. One of Tesla's senior directors has left the company to work for Airbnb. Jared Kushner reportedly dodged paying income taxes for years Kanye West took over the Oval Office in front of Trump — here's the full video of their meeting Apple's original content could be free for all iPhone and iPad owners with the launch of its new video streaming service Why global markets are collapsing right now, and who you should blame for it Celebrities mourn the death of beloved actress and director Penny Marshall.

      These are the biggest clothing companies in America Stocks swing between gains and losses after Wall Street's worst day in 8 months Over a million people asked Amazon's Alexa to marry them in and it turned them all down Richard Branson tells Elon Musk to stop tweeting and get some more sleep The hardest viral math problems of the year.

      The best leaders tend to be the ones who didn't want the job in the first place. Penny Marshall — the actress, writer, and director of films including 'Big' and 'A League of Their Own' — is dead at The daughter of a retired Army general is speaking out about years of alleged sexual abuse by her father.

      The year-old who built a robot lawyer to fight parking tickets has a new tool to help you automatically sue companies who get hacked Bill and Melinda Gates are backing a new tool that lets you type in any illness symptoms and learn what's ailing you Elon Musk has tried to help fix these 7 humanitarian crises — here's how he's doing so far Banksy just pranked the art world with another stunt — here are his 30 most clever creations Popeyes is launching 'Emotional Support Chicken' for stressed travelers craving fried chicken.

      I tried cheeseburgers from 4 fast-food chains and there was a clear winner. The scariest parts of the new climate change report: The goals the world set are inadequate, and the track we're on is disastrous Economist Paul Romer just won the Nobel Prize in economics — and his ideas sound like the backbone of Bill Gates' philanthropy playbook Where all 32 teams stand going into Week Angela Merkel reportedly prepared for her first meeting with Trump by reading his Playboy interview.

      The cast of the original 'Mary Poppins'. Bill Clinton was impeached 20 years ago. What was going on in Washington, D. Kanye West mysteriously quits social media amid backlash over his pro-Trump SNL rant and plan to amend the 13th amendment A Japanese airline revealed its new Hawaii-inspired plane that looks like a giant sea turtle. A Delta plane clipped the wings of another aircraft while backing out at LAX and it caused major delays.

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    • mSpy ist eine echt coole App, die mir dabei hilft, meinem Kind bei seinen Ausflügen ins große weite Internet zur Seite zu stehen. Im Notfall kann ich ungebetene Kontakte sogar ganz blockieren. Eine gute Wahl für alle Eltern, die nicht von gestern sind.

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    Den Angaben nach ist die App nur für legales Monitoring vorgesehen. Und sicherlich gibt es legitime Gründe, sie zu installieren. Interessierte Firmen sollten Ihre Angestellten darüber informieren, dass die Betriebs-Smartphones zu Sicherheitszwecken unter Aufsicht stehen.

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